About Us

Welcome to the official website of the
North East Mixed Martial Arts Association (NEMMAA).
 The first and only association of its kind!


 What is NEMMAA?

  We are an association comprised of several of the top Martial Arts and Combat Sports academies from throughout the greater North Eastern Pennsylvania area.

 What is the purpose of NEMMAA?

The purpose of NEMMAA is to promote throughout our membership the ideals of hard work and discipline in maximizing one’s own physical potential; to instill in the membership at large the concept of excellence without arrogance; to generate amongst the membership a deep seeded sense of mutual respect and camaraderie; and, to pool some of the greatest martial arts talents on the East Coast for the purpose of promoting and improving our member academies.

 What are the benefits of membership in NEMMAA?

 While all of the benefits of membership in NEMMAA are too numerous to mention, they include:

-the ability to cross train at any NEMMAA academy for a significantly reduced mat fee;

-the ability to participate in several inter-academy training sessions each year;

-the opportunity for your fighters and/or competitors to be part of our ever growing fight teams covering every area of combat sports;

-the pooling of talent from throughout the association to coach and/or corner associated fighters at competition time;

-the ability to share ideas on training, teaching and/or the business side of the martial arts with other association members; and

-the ability to attend seminars, belt testing sessions and other events at associated academies at a reduced rate.

Who is in NEMMAA?

While our membership continues to grow at an amazing pace, currently the NEMMAA membership includes, among others, such noted academies as James Simrell MMA in Scranton and Stroudsburg, PA, The Edge Ultimate Martial Arts in Saddle Brook , NJ and Brodheadsville, PA, MMA Nation in Bangor, PA, Rat Pack Fighting Systems in Palmerton, PA and Reality MMA in Quakertown, PA.

Who can become a member of NEMMAA?

Membership in NEMMAA is open to any martial arts/combat sports academy in the greater Northeastern Pennsylvania area which demonstrates a level of excellence in both its training and instruction and which shares our “strength in numbers” approach to the business of mixed martial arts.

What is the cost of NEMMAA membership?

 As our purpose at NEMMAA is to promote the better good of our membership academies and not to make money, we strive to keep membership costs to a minimum and current membership dues area only $200.00 per year.

How can my academy become a NEMMAA member?

If you are interested in getting more information regarding membership in NEMMAAA please email us at info@nemmaa.net.


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