NEMMA Directors

NEMMAA’s Athletic Board of Directors


CHARLES GLASS: Charles “Chuck” Glass’s the owner and head instructor at Reality Martial Arts in  Quakertown, AP. Chuck’s roots in the martial arts began in November 1980. . In 1985, Chuck Glass was the 12th student ever to receive a (Sho Dan) black belt from Master Patrick Byrnes. After taking some time off to raise a family in the 90's, Chuck returned to training and teaching in Shotokan karate in 2000 and earned his (Ni Dan) 2nd degree black belt. He also began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the instruction of Renzo Gracie black belt, Brian Miller. In August 2007, Chuck earned the rank of purple belt from Renzo Gracie. In August, 2008 Chuck was presented with his (San Dan) 3rd degree black belt from Grandmaster Robert Nenow of Dynasty Karate. In August, 2009 Chuck was presented with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt from James Simrell of Scranton, PA through whom he also obtained the rank of second level purple belt. In November, 2009 Chuck was presented with his (Yon Dan) 4th degree black belt from Grandmaster Robert Nenow of Dynasty Karate.


BRIAN MILLER: Brian Miller is the head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor at both Reality Martial Arts in Quakertown, PA and Rat Pack Fighting Systems in Palmerton, PA. Brian began his martial arts training in 1989 in the art of Kwon Ryu Fu Chi Do Karate, under Tim Hoover, earning his black belt in 1994. Brian began training BJJ with Craig Kukuk in Princeton, NJ long before the art came to prominence within the martial arts community via organizations such as the UFC and Pride and was in 2004 was awarded his Black Belt in BJJ by Renzo himself. Having taught BJJ at several academies over the past ten years, Brian is generally considered one of the best BJJ practitioner and instructors in Pennsylvania.


RICHARD RACITI: Richard “Rich”Raciti is the owner and head instructor at The Edge:Ultimate Martial Arts with locations in both Brodheadsville, PA and Saddle Brook, NJ. Rich’s impressive list of qualifications includes:

-Kru- Full Instructor/ Fighter Suriya Sak Muay Thai
-Professor/ Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Joe Moreira
-Master Instructor Sil Jun Do®
-Master Instructor Sil Jun Hapkido
-6TH Degree Black Belt American Karate - Joe Lewis
-8TH degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

Additionally, Rich holds the following certifications:
-Executive Protection & Counter Terrorism Specialist
-0International CDT Tactical Master Instructor-Close Quarter Combat -Instructor - International Training Commission(ITC)
-2009 World Karate Union Jiu-Jitsu Master of the Year



Joel Roberts is co-owner and the head MMA instructor at Rat Pack Fighting Systems in Palmerton, PA. A former high school wrestling coach, Joel has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for six years and is currently a Brown Belt under James Simrell and Brian Miller. Joel is NEMMAA’s top MMA fighter having fought his first MMA match in June 2007on the "King of the Cage- Explosion" card defeating his opponent, who went into the fight with a record of 11-8, in 45 seconds of the first round by arm bar! Joel went on to amass an impressive amateur MMA record of 8-1 which included a submission victory over Jeff Lentz of Rhino Fight team to capture the N.B.F. Super Middleweight Title. Joel won the 150lb Expert Division title at the 2009 NAGA Battle at the Beach and is currently one of the top 145lbs professional MMA fighters in the greater Pennsylvania are.


EDWARD ARNER: Edward “Ed” Arner is the owner and head instructor at MMA Nation in Bangor, PA as well as the head Kickboxing instructor at Rat Pack Fighting Systems. A former competitive kickboxer with an undefeated amateur record, Ed’s unique combination of size, skill and experience make him a formidable athlete and competitor while his easy going personality and demeanor have made him one of the more popular instructors and corner men within NEMMAAA.

Administrative Board of Directors


NICHOLAS J. MASINGTON III, ESQ: Nicholas “Nick” Masington is an attorney with offices in Palmerton and Stroudsburg, PA. He is the CEO of Rat Pack Fighting Systems in Palmerton, PA a minority share holder in MMA Nation in Bangor, PA, Co-owner of Inkosi Promotions LLC which promotes MMA and Muay Thai fights as well as grappling tournaments throughout North East, PA and the founder of The North Eastern Mixed Martial Arts Association. An MMA enthusiast and practitioner since 2000, NEMMAA reflects Nick’s vision for a more collective approach to MMA training and instruction without the sniping and back biting so common throughout the industry and he is proud to include the best of the best from the greater North East mixed martial arts community among it’s members, instructors and competitors.

KERRY LOBEL: Kerry Lobel is a co-owner of Rat Pack Fighting Systems in Palmerton, PA and is one of the visionaries behind NEMMAA and its underlying athletic and conceptual approaches to the business of mixed martial arts. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do under 10th Dan Grand Master Robert Nenow and a Purple Belt in BJJ under James Simrell and Brian Miller, Kerry’s unique combination of physical prowess and business sense makes him a most valuable part of the NEMMAA team.  The head of information technology for a major banking institution, Kerry is also the creative mind behind the NEMMAA website.


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