Fight Team Rules


By unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of the North East MMA Association, it is agreed that, effective February 1, 2008, the following "Rules of Conduct" shall govern membership in and conduct of the North East MMA Fight Team:

-Members of the Fight Team shall be hand selected by the owners/directors of any affiliate NEMMAA Academy.

-Each academy owner/director shall have the ability to invite any fighter to try out for the Fight Team. Membership subject to final approval of their inclusion on the team must being approved by a majority of the then existing academy owners/directors and Fight Team coaches.

-Fight Team practices shall be limited to Fight Team members, academy owners/directors, coaches and those specially invited to attend based upon a particular skill level and/or in preparation for an upcoming competition.

-Fighting/Competing  does not automatically qualify a fighter for the Fight Team. If someone chooses to fight/compete without an academy owner/director and/or Fight Team coach requesting that to do so, they will compete as a member of the NEMMAA but not necessarily of the Fight Team. (In other words, if you ask to fight, so be it, but if an owner/director and/or coach asks you to fight, then and only then you are a member of the team.) However, fighting/competing  and winning shall automatically garner a fighter an invitation to try out for and/or join the team.

-Any NEMMAA member may try out for any aspect of the Fight Team in which case he/she will be invited to a practice in order to "go live" with other fight team members, coaches and/or invited guests so that he/she may be properly assessed by the coaching staff.

-Fight Team membership shall be limited to those who are in good standing with their respective academies in terms of dues payments, etc.

 -A Fight Team member must remain active, barring injury, both in terms of training and competition to retain his/her position on the Team.

 -All Fight Team members are expected to conduct themselves in and out of the ring in a manner which brings pride to the association and which sets a good example for others within their respective academies.


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